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I was struggling this week to come up with a topic for this blog. I mean, we go around and around talking about our friends, and how if we give them even a bit of hope, love, or care they might make the first step in making better choices. How we give what we can give, as we’re so blessed, and it’s not about anything other than taking care of those who have less.

It’s a simple concept.

So, why, oh why, are there so many naysayers out there? Why are so many adamant that we’re enabling them, and that we shouldn’t try and make anything easier for our friends? I try to comprehend what makes someone so unwilling to see the humanity in those we help. Not only our humanity, but that those we help are still humans, people just like us. No one would ever choose to be in the situation they have found themselves in. How they got there is their story, but irrelevant as to whether or not they deserve our help. They all do. What they choose to do with the help given is theirs. It won’t change our decision to go back out and help them, and others, again and again.

Whether you are Christian, Buddhist, atheist, or a little bit of everything, I feel that one of the greatest things we can do to change this world is to just give. Whether that be giving financially, giving hope, giving time, giving up some old ideologies, or giving a hug – what does it hurt to give? There is a train of thought out there that says whatever you give out, you get back a hundred-fold (or ten-fold, or 7x7, etc). I believe in it. I believe that when we do good, good things happen. My experiences in my own life are proof enough for me. My view of how our organization is exploding in Chatham-Kent should speak to some of you! Our community has gathered around us and every day we have someone new offering help in some way. We are seeing our youth take up the cause and wanting to make a difference for people they’ve never met. There are random people dropping off donations, and others reaching out to come on board. We are blessed, and we are passing along those blessings to our friends.

Join us, at R.O.C.K. Missions, and let’s do some good. We’re making a difference in people’s lives, and honestly, we don’t have to see it. Knowing what we do ripples through our community is good enough.

This video discusses the serious consequences homelessness has on Canadians, even (or especially) children. Take a few minutes to watch:

Reference: CBC News: The National Published on Feb 21, 2015 Tough Winter for Canada's Homeless (2:35) https://youtu.be/C87yuC60uO8

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