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In the last year R.O.C.K. Missions has grown so immensely that we are constantly and actively looking for additional volunteers. Serving the homeless and impoverished community is our heart, and we are looking for like minded individuals to come along with us. We have opportunities that include working in your own home, to coming out weekly – whatever suits your life.

What do our volunteers do?

Outreach – twice a week we go out and serve approx. 300 meals to our friends. We have 4 routes, and each team takes a route. We deliver meals, hygiene, some clothing, and harm reduction to those who need it. This provides us an opportunity to engage with as many friends as possible and try to connect them with community organizations that could provide support, such as CMHA, Social Services, and others.

Kitchen – twice a week we meet at the Chatham-Kent Nonprofit Centre (formerly the United Way) and make these lunches. We also create hygiene bags, sort clothing, and other smaller tasks.

Social media – are you a social media guru? We are actively looking for a few people to keep our social media active. We are also looking for additional blog post writers!

Fundraising – are you good at asking for donations? We need a team of people who are willing to work, mostly from home, or on the phone, to reach out for fundraising activities.

Friends, we all know that the cold weather is coming (some would argue that it’s already here). We are working diligently with the community to find solutions to keeping our friends warm and safe. ROCK has committed to staying active in this community and work as hard as we can to make a difference in our friends’ lives. Come with us. Every person that helps with ROCK is making an impact, and in our eyes every volunteer is giving the same amount. Our puzzle isn’t complete with all of you.

If you are interested, you can visit our website www.rockmissions.com and click the volunteer link. You can also email us at reachoutchathamkent@gmail.com.

Much Love,

The ROCK Team

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