Standing Porter...HUH?

“Stand porter to your mind.” This quote, and I apologize for not being able to reference the story I read directly (it was in a Guideposts online story), struck me like a brick to the forehead. Imagine, finally finding a reference, or visual, which makes sense to me when it comes to my own mind.

Visualize with me – a door at the entryway to your mind. There is someone standing there, the porter, and their job is to simply let thoughts in and out of your mind. That porter has one job, and it’s up to us to make sure a good job is being done! We put that porter in charge, and now we have to be responsible for what’s coming and going. How diligent is your porter, how discerning? Are they just letting whatever in and out – bad thoughts, good thoughts, happy, sad, angry?

In this time of craziness, when a virus stops an entire world, our leaders are the least trusted people on the planet, and men are killed over their skin colour, doesn’t it seem, more than ever, vitally important to control what comes and goes in our own minds? We could easily fall to anxiousness, despair, and become ill in our own thoughts. We live in such an age where there is too much input coming to us, and not all of it friendly or kind. And in spite of how many people we can now reach, or communicate with, the levels of loneliness seem only to increase.

Stand porter to your mind, my friends. Only allow things that nurture, create, educate and uplift you. Having anxious thoughts? Make that porter do his job, and kick them out. They will not serve you. Angry at a family member? Be angry, and then remove those feelings from your peaceful place, don’t hold on to them. There is a school of thought out there that believes that our thoughts become things. (We practice that in my home.) If you believe you are lacking, then your life becomes lacking. If you believe that you are the richest person in the world, then rich things come your way. If you believe you are a loser and always make bad choices, then guess what you will continually do… Our mind is our most powerful tool, and it’s important to always check what you believe in your mind about yourself, and your life. Use that porter to remove all the negative beliefs about yourself that you hold on to. Replace those thoughts with more positive messages. Rinse and repeat. Every single time. You will eventually replace all those negative beliefs with a healthier opinion of yourself, and then you’re making movement forward.

Life, I think, is full of lessons. Everyone makes choices, and they are not always what serves us best. The important part, though, is what we’ve learned by our choices. If we can choose to wade through the hard part, which is changing things (including our thoughts!) we will ultimately come out the other end in a much better place. Imagine starting that process by changing our thoughts, and standing porter to what we allow to go on up there! It’s the most important place to begin – in ourselves.

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