Happy 1st Year Anniversary to US!

A lot can happen in a year. A great amount. ROCK Missions is an exciting example of that. And we’d like to celebrate that with you!

We’re holding a one-year anniversary BBQ/get to know us at Chatham’s Bowlerama. Stop by and say hello, and help us spread the news!

A year in reflection – what have we done to grow thus far:

· serving up at 300 people in our community, twice a week

· opened an emergency food hamper program thanks to the May 16th Miracle

· offering basic first aid, harm reduction, clothing and hygiene

· partnered with CKMH to offer mental health support, on the spot, and on-going referrals

· partnered with other organizations and services to fill the needs in Chatham-Kent

· driven numerous friends to appointments and programs

· helped many friends get their health cards

· referred many of our friends to other social services and supports in the community

· offered LOVE AND HOPE to as many as we possibly could (which is perhaps the most important success of all)

All this has happened, and will continue to, because of you, our community. The support and love and positivity that we’ve received throughout our first year has been incredible. It has brought to us many amazing volunteers, donators, cheerleaders, and friends. We can’t begin to express how grateful we are for all of you.

Please, we’d love to see you. And we ask that you continue to spread the word about ROCK Missions. Year number two is going to be as amazing, and we’d like you all to take this journey with us!

Much love from the entire ROCK team!

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