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Our friend Elwood Shreve came out again to see what ROCK is up to.  Read about our partnership with the CMHA in Chatham-Kent.

Look what a bunch of grade 9 students can do!  

Students from UCC grade 9 religion class worked on a Service Learning Project. The student-led initiative took what they had learned in class about being a disciple of Christ and put it into action.


They decide on a cause and figured out how they could help. The students decided to do a Homeless Awareness Week at UCC. They challenged each grade level to bring in certain items.

The class that brought in the most items won a pizza lunch which the grade 9's paid for. Throughout Homeless Awareness Week the grade 9 students did announcements about the facts of homelessness in Chatham-Kent, put up posters around the school and created digital slides for our broadcast system.

Click 'View More' to see the FULL STORY.

Let me share two great happenings for R.O.C.K. Missions this week...

We were the recipients on a wonderful donation from Maple City Homes Ltd and a number of suppliers from the Chatham-Kent area. Read this article!

We are SO grateful for these companies.

Also, along comes a Tilbury company called International Carriers who blessed our friends a donation of gift cards, food stuffs, and a whole bunch of sacks full of women's needs. We are sending our gratitude out to all of them!

As we head towards 2020, all of us at R.O.C.K. Missions would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We are blessed to have so many of you supporting us and loving us through our beginnings. 2020 promises to be a year of good things for our friends with all of you behind us! Much love from us all!

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At one of our recent meetings we discussed how to answer this very important question - Are we enabling them? This is something we are asked frequently enough that we deemed it important to try and find a short, succinct answer. Yet, it also needs to be a valid, truthful answer – not one filled with cliché or fluffy talk. What we came up with was this; At the end of the day they’re still going to be homeless, and possibly using, and have many unresolved issues, whether we deliver them that bagged lunch or not. That being said, at the end of the day they’re still people, the same as you and I. What we do isn’t just handing them stuff, we do so much more. We are giving them something they don’t get very often, and that is love and a little piece of hope. We are showing them that they are loved, by someone, when they feel the most unloved. We are showing them that there are people out there still willing to offer some hope for a better life, when they feel the most hopeless. That’s what R.O.C.K. Missions is all about. We’re going to them and offering them the opportunity to make a move they might not make on their own. When everyone else might be seeing our friends are lesser than or unworthy, we want to encourage everyone to see them as what they really are – people. Human beings, albeit broken, but human beings none-the-less. Once you get there, and decide you want to help (because being kind costs NOTHING), come join us. We are making a difference!

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