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Our friend Elwood Shreve came out again to see what ROCK is up to.  Read about our partnership with the CMHA in Chatham-Kent.

Look what a bunch of grade 9 students can do!  

Students from UCC grade 9 religion class worked on a Service Learning Project. The student-led initiative took what they had learned in class about being a disciple of Christ and put it into action.


They decide on a cause and figured out how they could help. The students decided to do a Homeless Awareness Week at UCC. They challenged each grade level to bring in certain items.

The class that brought in the most items won a pizza lunch which the grade 9's paid for. Throughout Homeless Awareness Week the grade 9 students did announcements about the facts of homelessness in Chatham-Kent, put up posters around the school and created digital slides for our broadcast system.

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Hey all! This is Renee Geniole and I am hijacking the ROCK Missions blog today! I am here to tell you about a wonderful event is going on throughout Chatham-Kent, and we want YOU to be a part of it.

Have you heard about the May 16th Miracle? It's super simple. On May 16th, place a canned good on your porch, in your door way, someone just outside your home. Make sure you do it before noon! Volunteers from ALL over Chatham-Kent will come along and pick it up. Chatham, Blenheim, Ridgetown, Merlin, Tilbury, Wallaceburg, etc, etc, etc... we'll be there!

Out in the sticks, you say? Check out our website, very soon there will be updated locations to drop off your canned good.

How easy is this? And imagine, if every single home donated one (yes, just ONE) non-perishable, our food banks would be overflowing.

So what does this have to do with ROCK Missions? Well, for a few different reasons, I decided to represent ROCK in this super event. One - with the amount of support our group gets from this community, how could we possibly sit back idle when something of such magnitude is going on. We are always there to help, wherever the call comes from. And two - an event like this will help people whom we call friends. Participating in anything that helps the population that needs us the most, we're there with bells on!

So, once again, Chatham-Kent is going to pull off a food drive that proves how much of an amazing community we are! I am having a blast connecting with people, organizing my team, and witnessing so many people coming forward. Why am I telling you, you ask? So YOU can put your canned good out. So YOU can share this info on your Facebook, Instagram, email, and all other avenues so the word keeps getting out!

Here's what you need to know: <- there's an FAQ, info on drop off spots, how to help, pics and shareable stuff <- our event page

If there is an instagram page, or twitter, my apologies, I'm not there yet - haha!

Ok, that's my spiel. I hope I've caught your attention. We're gonna make a miracle happen - come along for the ride!

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Hello ROCK friends and family!

Welcome to May. We’ve survived a whole month+ of lockdown, fighting COVID and all the stressors that come with it. Thank goodness for spring, and all the beauty it brings with it. As we try to continually be thankful and grateful, we remember how blessed we are that we are still able to go out twice a week and supply food, needs, and hope to our friends.

The purpose of my blog post today is to bring to everyone’s attention some further needs we have. We have had a handful of RN’s/RPN’s join our team (and we are so very happy and thankful for them) which means we are able to provide some first aid/medical assistance to our friends, right where they are. This has increased our needs for medical supplies.

We are asking if anyone has any contacts to get the following items in bulk, or can donate any of the following, to please reach out to us.

Medical needs:

4x4 gauze Medical tape Sterile strips Saline Saline syringes

Bandaids Gauze

Triple antibiotic polysporin

Alcohol pads

Calamine lotion

Flamazine or OTC burn gel


Sunscreen Chap stick Small containers of Vaseline Tylenol

Scissors Marker Small flashlight

Let me tell you how excited we are that our team keeps growing and growing with people from all walks of life that can help us support our friends. Nurses, social workers, business owners, people of faith, young adults, and the list goes on. Word has spread about ROCK, and we want it to keep spreading. Please, friends, share our vision with those around you. Keep handy our website address (, our Facebook page (, our email address (, and please feel free to invite others to contact us. The more people we have on board (especially when the restrictions are all lifted) the more people we can help. What an exciting time to come aboard.

As always, we share out thanks and gratitude to those of you who keep us going. The support and generous nature of our community is unbelievable. Every week we have a meeting where someone says “guess what was donated to us this week” – and we are stunned. We have amazing business owners who give their time, and product. We have anonymous donors who send cheques. We have parents, who along with their kids, offer to volunteer on their off time. And that’s just mentioning a few examples – I could make you a list of helpers that would fill a page. We could not do what we do without all of you. Bless you all!

Stay safe, and healthy everyone.

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Happy Easter to all our ROCK Friends, family, and supporters! Here we are, on the weirdest Easter weekend in my lifetime, and another weekend of outreach passes us by. This holiday Sunday marks another day of pandemic, isolation, and the feeling like our entire lives on our hold under the grip of this virus. Imagine, us, in our comfy houses, with our grocery pick ups and our cupboards full. Netflix on the tv, and clear minds to manage. What blessings we all have!

Why would we risk all that to go and help others, I’m sure many of you may be asking? Especially during these crazy times – we should be staying home, isolating, protecting our own! The answer is simple – many of our friends don’t have what we have. They have no one to advocate, help and protect them. They are isolated, but not just by this virus, but by their addictions, or trauma, or situation. They don’t have a support system to, at a very minimum, make sure they are fed and have the necessities. Regardless of why, we want to make sure they know that there is at least one group of people who are willing to step in and show them some love and care. Non-judgmental support – that’s what we give.

All of this is to say – we need YOUR help to keep moving forward. We are up to over 250 meals per trip. That means we are making 500+ meals per week, and we have no plans on stopping anytime soon. Please, friends and family of the ROCK, just remember that we’re still doing all we can to go out and support the marginalized in our community during all this craziness. If you can donate even a tiny bit, every little bit helps us to help them. We are still accepting e-transfers at

To complete our Easter Sunday blog/email blast, I’d like to take a minute and recognize a few people and businesses who stepped up the last few weeks to help us continue our work.

An amazing lady, by the name of Debbie Bell, donated to us over 200 cloth masks for our outreach team and to hand out to our friends. (She also gave us a ton of bread and snacks, and send some $$ - we are SO grateful!!) What a generous donation, because every little bit of protection helps us all! Debbie, you are amazing!

Also, we continue to appreciate our businesses – Ultimate Sports Bar and Chatham Breakfast House – for their continued donations of soup each week. We also received an amazing donation of bread from Maple City Bakery and the Shady Pine Restaurant. Imagine – when we’re all struggling in our own ways, these businesses are giving more to help. What am amazing community we live in.

The final recognition, mostly from my own heart, goes to Al and Candy McGuigan and the ROCK team still going out each day to help. What a brave, loving, compassionate bunch. Some of us made the hard choice to stay home and self-isolate – but these guys keep going out and reaching out – and we are grateful that they can keep going. There’s a handful of them, and I’m sending them as much love and support as I can from behind this computer. God Bless you all!

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