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Our friend Elwood Shreve came out again to see what ROCK is up to.  Read about our partnership with the CMHA in Chatham-Kent.

Look what a bunch of grade 9 students can do!  

Students from UCC grade 9 religion class worked on a Service Learning Project. The student-led initiative took what they had learned in class about being a disciple of Christ and put it into action.


They decide on a cause and figured out how they could help. The students decided to do a Homeless Awareness Week at UCC. They challenged each grade level to bring in certain items.

The class that brought in the most items won a pizza lunch which the grade 9's paid for. Throughout Homeless Awareness Week the grade 9 students did announcements about the facts of homelessness in Chatham-Kent, put up posters around the school and created digital slides for our broadcast system.

Click 'View More' to see the FULL STORY.

Chatham-Kent needs you. R.O.C.K. needs you. We're doing some headhunting for some new volunteers. Got some time/energy to do some good in our community? Look no further.

Want a better idea of what is involved? Can do...

We're looking for some kitchen help. Every Monday and Friday, between the hours of 7:30-10:30 (approx) we meet at the United Way to make lunches. Right now we are creating around 270 bagged lunches (sandwiches and snacks) that are delivered the next day. Many hands make light work...and all that!

We're looking for some outreach help. Every Tuesday and Saturday we have an amazing group who go out in the community and deliver these lunches. They also deliver hygiene supplies, harm reduction, clothing, and do a bit of first aid. This is how we reach our friends, build a relationship, and ultimately hope to build some bridges to get them off the streets and into a home.

We need someone to take a lead on fundraising for us. We're looking for that one special person (or two, or three) who loves to ask people for money (donations, food, clothing, etc) to help support ROCK as we continue to grow and GROW! If you're that special person, please take a minute and consider coming aboard, and help keep us in those $$'s.

Anyone have any experiencing dealing with housing and social services? We would like to find one amazing person who would be willing to act as a liaison between our friends and Employment and Social Services. There is a growing need within our community of people who need assistance navigating the in's and out's of the government programs. If you're that special person who can do that, reach out!

Last, but not least, we are looking for someone to join our Board of Directors, as a trustee. This entails being available at least once monthly for board meetings (more if necessary), assisting in making decisions as a group for the best practices of ROCK, and having an active interest in the future of R.O.C.K. Missions.

If you have any interest in joining our team - cause we ROCK! - please message us at, or on our facebook page. Even as little as a few hours a month can make all the difference in the world to someone.

As always, ROCK family/friends, we appreciate each and every one of you. It takes a community to care for each other, and we're blessed to have that here in Chatham-Kent!

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Welcome to summer, friends and family of the ROCK! Here we are, already in June, and life is still upside down for many. What an interesting journey 2020 has taken us on.

So, what will they talk about today, you wonder? We’ve definitely taken you on a few tangents, and tried to be an active part of your online presence, but now we’re going to get back to basics.

Alright, let’s see what ROCK’s been doing.

Tuesdays and Saturdays – we are bringing out 270 meals (yes, 270) and handing out them all. We’ve ceased our soup donations, and only because it’s hot. No one wants hot soup on hot days. We’re debating other solutions, as we all still want them to have the amount of food. The nutrition part of our program is SO important. So, imagine, 270 people in our community, here in Chatham, are food insecure. That essentially means that there are that many people in our very own city that don’t know where their next meal is coming from. How many of you can imagine that? An empty cupboard, using that last bit of bread and peanut butter, not sure what you will eat next. That shouldn’t happen in 2020. Anywhere. Some of these people we serve are families, with kids. Single moms with small children. None of them should ever go hungry.

Fridays – we have partnered up with Street Health (out of Windsor) and the Chatham Mental Health Association – and we do some more outreach. We do some harm reduction. We do some mental health. We check on our friends, and hook them up with some other amazing people. We are so grateful for both of those organizations, coming out with us and trusting us to provide an avenue to help some of our friends.

Mondays and Fridays – we have such an amazing team of volunteers who still come faithfully to create 270 lunches. And now we’re providing emergency food baskets. Twice a week they’re filling our lunch bags, and making sandwiches. It takes a few hours, and we wouldn’t be able to complete this task without that team. People like that, like you, who support what we do, are also helping to make a difference for our friends.

Emergency food baskets – let’s talk about that. This is the important one right now. We are so grateful to our community, and to the May 16th Miracle team, that we were included in the distribution of the 700000 pounds of food collected in Chatham-Kent. What a Miracle we all pulled off!! And the timing of it could not have been any better. In some conversations we’ve had with social services, United Way, etc, it’s estimated that the level of food insecurity will increase greatly within the coming months. With the COVID situation, and the government CERB program coming to it’s first 16 week ending period, many people will be left with no income as the province is taking the slow and cautious road to reopening. Even just recently, with the launch of our food basket program, we’ve seen an increase from 1-2 per week to up to 10. And that number will only go up.

Please, friends and family, we will need your generousity to continue. As will outreach for hunger, and freehelpck, and the Sandwich Guys, and many others. Anyone you can support, please do. Let’s back up our miracle with showing that it doesn’t end after May 16th.

Imagine what 270 people looks like. How many people that is. Would it fill your church? Would it fill your office building? Or your back yard? That’s a lot of people. And those are the ones we know about – there are surely more. Working and meeting a ton of amazing people through our outreach and May 16th has taught me that there are many of trying to keep the humanity alive in what we do. Join us. Support us. Don’t let anyone go without, regardless of their situation. If the worlds unrest teaches us anything right now, we’re on the precipice of deciding how we want our future to be – Chatham-Kent is no different.

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“Stand porter to your mind.” This quote, and I apologize for not being able to reference the story I read directly (it was in a Guideposts online story), struck me like a brick to the forehead. Imagine, finally finding a reference, or visual, which makes sense to me when it comes to my own mind.

Visualize with me – a door at the entryway to your mind. There is someone standing there, the porter, and their job is to simply let thoughts in and out of your mind. That porter has one job, and it’s up to us to make sure a good job is being done! We put that porter in charge, and now we have to be responsible for what’s coming and going. How diligent is your porter, how discerning? Are they just letting whatever in and out – bad thoughts, good thoughts, happy, sad, angry?

In this time of craziness, when a virus stops an entire world, our leaders are the least trusted people on the planet, and men are killed over their skin colour, doesn’t it seem, more than ever, vitally important to control what comes and goes in our own minds? We could easily fall to anxiousness, despair, and become ill in our own thoughts. We live in such an age where there is too much input coming to us, and not all of it friendly or kind. And in spite of how many people we can now reach, or communicate with, the levels of loneliness seem only to increase.

Stand porter to your mind, my friends. Only allow things that nurture, create, educate and uplift you. Having anxious thoughts? Make that porter do his job, and kick them out. They will not serve you. Angry at a family member? Be angry, and then remove those feelings from your peaceful place, don’t hold on to them. There is a school of thought out there that believes that our thoughts become things. (We practice that in my home.) If you believe you are lacking, then your life becomes lacking. If you believe that you are the richest person in the world, then rich things come your way. If you believe you are a loser and always make bad choices, then guess what you will continually do… Our mind is our most powerful tool, and it’s important to always check what you believe in your mind about yourself, and your life. Use that porter to remove all the negative beliefs about yourself that you hold on to. Replace those thoughts with more positive messages. Rinse and repeat. Every single time. You will eventually replace all those negative beliefs with a healthier opinion of yourself, and then you’re making movement forward.

Life, I think, is full of lessons. Everyone makes choices, and they are not always what serves us best. The important part, though, is what we’ve learned by our choices. If we can choose to wade through the hard part, which is changing things (including our thoughts!) we will ultimately come out the other end in a much better place. Imagine starting that process by changing our thoughts, and standing porter to what we allow to go on up there! It’s the most important place to begin – in ourselves.

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